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Chi Healing

Chi Healing is the traditional Chinese version of bio-resonance healing.

Bio-resonance healing works with energy,
energy is moving as a wave,
a wave is a vibration, vibration is resonance.

The therapist sends energy ( mostly by hands ) to the patient.Healing-Hands-Cropped21
The energy travels into the body of the patient and
makes the water inside the cells go up and down.
It works by simple laws from nature.

Our bodies consist about 70% out of water,
water is a good conductor for energy, so it allows the energy to go through.
When the energy goes through the water it makes a little wave, a resonance.
The resonance makes the cell shake a little bit.
By shaking the cells, the cells are better able to release blockages which can cause pain or other effects.

There are many forms of bio-resonance healing, some with physical contact and some without.
There are also bio-resonance healing exercises for yourself.Energy-Healing-Therapy
Chinese Chi Healing is without touch.
The therapist mostly uses an energy field between the hands to loosen,
collect and transport blocking energy out of the body.
The energy healing works on the same principle as acupuncture, only without needles.
Besides, energy travels far deeper than needles in to the body,
so treatment with energy can sometimes be more effective than acupuncture.
Ideal for people who are afraid of needles.

If you have a question about Chi Healing or the treatments I give, you can send an email.


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